About Us

"Hanguko" is Korean Language Center located in Jakarta. We provide courses in Jakarta area; covering West Jakarta, North Jakarta (Pantai Indah Kapuk), and South / Central Jakarta (upon request) . We focus on intensive learning method for students who are interested to learn Korean. Private course is available upon request (e.g : for company training program, school, university, in-home tutoring for groups, etc)

Hanguko Korean Center with well-experienced teachers have delivered many students who are studying and working in Korea now

Regular Lesson - Hanguko
Regular Lesson - Hanguko


Lesson are suitable for a variety of needs such as:
1. Preparation to students who wish to continue their studies to university (including TOPIK TEST)
2. To all business people who work in the Korean company or doing business with Korean partner
3. To all K-POP lovers who fancy the song, artist, culture, food, and all about this ginseng country
4. To all school-age children who want to enhance their knowledge of a foreign language as future investment to compete in the global society


Why you should learn with Hanguko?

Some advantages you get if you study with us :

1. We ensure to provide fun, easy, and happy learning method from qualified teachers with years of experience

2. Lesson can be delivered in Bahasa-Korean, English-Korean

3. For students who wish to continue their studies in Korea, we will help with the enrollment process and provide information about Korean life


More advantages you may get (for customized or private lesson) :

1. Fun, easy, and happy learning method which can be adjusted for each student's ability, age, and purpose of learning. This strategy is optimal for an effective lesson

2. There is no age limit to learning. Private learning enables students have a deep understanding of each lesson. Our students who take these lessons are aged between 9 years-55 years and it's proven they can fully comprehend and take in the content

3. Flexibility of day and time of the class can be determined as needed by each student



Some of our students since 2010:

Hanguko student while having TOPIK TEST (17/04/2016) (Congratulations to all students passed the exam with satisfying scores)


Having Korean Food after Hanguko's Class


Korean lesson at the office to manager 'Elevenia - PT XL Planet dan SK Telecom'
Korean Private lesson to home - Stefi (17), Veni (12), dan Ivan (14)
Anthony Wilson (19) - Student of SMAK 1 BPK Penabur (2014) - preparation before continue his study to KAIST University , Daejeon; following with additional lesson on winter holiday
Understanding of Basic Korean Alphabet- Youngest student; Byun Sung Hun - 변숭혼 (5) - 2010
Director, Vice director, and manager PT Multiprima Indosejahtera - Private Korean Lesson at the office (since 2011) as demand for basic conversation with their Korean partner
Farewell Cake from one of Hanguko student before continue his study to Seoul, thanks to Calvin; goodluck for your study